Auto World: Renewable Natural Gas
A closer look at a natural gas with unlimited potential as an automotive fuel....
published: 30 May 2013
author: Motorweek
Publishing an iPad Magazine App to Apple's NewsStand - part 3: Auto-renewable Subscriptions
Publishing an Auto-Renewable Magazine App to Apple's NewsStand using the AutoRenewableMaga...
published: 14 Feb 2014
Green Eco Renewable Auto proto for youtube..wmv
Green, clean, renewable, Easy to maintain, Eco friendly, Auto....
published: 25 Jan 2012
author: shadowmorf1
Peter Dempster / Renewable Energy Is A Success Factor For The Automotive Industry
Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy - Conference, San Francisco April 16, 2013 Panel 3: Int...
published: 17 Nov 2013
Investment in Renewable Energy Sources Surges Around the World
Global investments in green energy are up nearly a third to $211 billion, according to the...
published: 13 Jul 2011
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Powered by Renewable Hydrogen
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently received a Borrego fuel cell elec...
published: 21 Jun 2011
author: NRELPR
Renewable Energy - 60' Extension (38,000 pounds) Arrival for Pearl Road Auto Parts
The 60' base extension arrives at Pearl Road Auto Parts. A PearlWind project. The base wei...
published: 17 Nov 2009
BMW i Carbon Fiber from Renewable Energy
BMW i Carbon Fiber from Renewable Energy Subscribe for more car videos Do not forget to ...
published: 31 Mar 2014
TEDxBandung - Qamaruzzaman - Experiences of Developing Renewable Energy System in Indonesia
published: 25 Nov 2010
author: TEDxTalks
Renewable Energy Exhibit
Interactive electronic, portable exhibit educating on renewable energy. Durable LED light...
published: 09 Sep 2013
Auto21 Video Contest - Renewable Resourced Based Biocomposites - C507- CGF
Written and Directed by: Matthew Zaverl + Ryan Vadori Produced by: Matthew Zaverl + Ryan V...
published: 01 May 2013
author: MegaRickot
Renewable Energy in Germany
A simple but powerful video of renewable energy in Germany (2012). Imagine what we could a...
published: 28 Dec 2012
author: Pear Pearllc
Truth about the Renewable Fuel Standard - Fuel For Thought
Most cars on the road today were not designed to handle E15 ethanol fuel blends, so why is...
published: 09 Aug 2013
New and Emerging Energy Tech for Cars 2, Phil Rairigh - Renewable Energy Conference
Change is quickly coming to the automotive energy. Hear from an automobile insider as he d...
published: 28 May 2009
Vimeo results:
10 channel video instalation The title of this exhibition has an association with the ori...
published: 05 Jun 2009
Fuel Trailer
Eleven years in the making, FUEL is the in-depth personal journey of filmmaker and eco-eva...
published: 13 Jan 2011
Eurolite STP-10
The best 1x10 on the market! From Jay-z to Ultra Fest these 1x10s have been wowing audien...
published: 01 Mar 2011
Joshua God Wars Pt 10: Beating the Great Con with Wood and Water
We’ve all heard the word “con”. There are many synonyms: bamboozle, bilk, bluff, bunco, ca...
published: 29 Jun 2009
author: Jim Tompkins

Youtube results:
Algae-powered car drives into Renewable Energy Summit at Quechan Resort and Casino
SunEco Farms brought a yellow, algae-powered Volkswagen Beetle into the Quechan Casino and...
published: 19 Mar 2010
2013 Nissan Plant in Mexico Powered 50 by Renewable Energy mp4
car news day car news car test drives bmw bwm car promotion car tests bMC test bMW tests c...
published: 24 Aug 2013
Ashden Award - Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network, community energy, UK
Since its creation in 2011 this co-operatively owned social enterprise has rapidly galvani...
published: 26 Jun 2013
Urgency on the need for speeding up renewable energy
Matter of Public Importance in the Australian Senate on 14 May 2013: Cutting the budget of...
published: 14 May 2013
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